‘Holidate’ Review: Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey Star In Netflix’s Sardonic Attempt At Subverting Hallmark Channel Sentimentality

Of course, things don’t end up being that simple; even if “Holidate” starts out by upending our expectations of a certain kind of movie, director John Whitesell and screenwriter Tiffany Paulsen are still guided by the “When Harry Met Sally” template of boundaries built to be demolished with the force of a heart’s flutter. And though Christmastime/New Year’s is our launching point, the premise – and Sloane and Jackson’s contract – becomes a year-round affair as they continue to reunite (accidentally) on Valentine’s Day and (purposefully) on Easter, St. Patrick’s, Cinco de Mayo and every other reason on the calendar to either get sloshed or appease the family by not coming alone to a celebration (Frances Fisher, as she's wont to do, steals the screen anytime she's on it as Sloane's impatient mom). Aside from developments on the story’s sidelines, you don’t feel the scope of time’s passing so much as get drawn into the equally cynical personalities leading the way, and their increasingly opening up to each other about what soured them on love to begin with; Jackson harboring resentment over his ex taking off with the panini maker is a particularly comical touch. It's also some of the only backstory of any kind we get to his character.

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‘Holidate’ Review: Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey star in Netflix’s sardonic attempt at subverting Hallmark Channel sentimentality
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