Channel Zero: No End House Review: Syfy's Horror Anthology Remains The Scariest Thing On TV

Similar to how Candle Cove was directed solely by The Boy helmer Craig William Macneill, No-End House was brought to live-action entirely by director Steven Piet, whose main claim to fame is the crime mystery Uncle John, which is currently on Netflix. When paired with the masterful editing -- as well as the constantly eye-catching art direction and production design both inside the House and out -- Piet's direction is what takes No-End House from great to perfect. We see so many long pans that bring to mind both Alfred Hitchcock and It Follows, often without even a soft hint as to what those pans will reveal. And viewers would be smart to pay attention to every detail that makes it on camera, as you never know which characters, settings or objects will usher in the next game-changing (and sometimes heartbreaking) reveal.

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Channel Zero: No-End House Review: Syfy's Horror Anthology Remains The Scariest Thing On TV
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