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SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (AP) — Police officers in the mountains north of Santa Cruz responded to a suspicious figure in a roadway early Thursday and found Bigfoot.

“He was a little banged up but will be returned to his rightful place at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum,” the Scotts Valley Police Department said in a Facebook post.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office had urged people to keep their eyes peeled for the 4-foot-tall (1.2 meters) wooden statue after it was stolen from outside the tiny museum in nearby Felton on Monday.

The museum dedicated to the mythical forest creature is outside Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. It is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.


Nov. 13 (UPI) -- An off-duty lifeguard in New Jersey is being hailed as a hero after he shed his prosthetic leg to jump into Newark Bay and rescue the driver of an SUV that plunged into the water.

Anthony Capuano said he had just finished a workout at Stephen R. Gregg Park in Bayonne when he saw a crowd of people running to the shore.

Capuano arrived at the shore of Newark Bay and saw an SUV sinking in the water about 50 feet from shore. The driver appeared to be trapped inside the vehicle and was yelling out the window.

"Someone had said out loud, 'Does anybody know how to swim?'" Capuano told The Jersey Journal. "And I was just like, 'Oh. I guess that's me.' And then I jumped in."

Capuano, who lost his leg when he was struck by a train 11 years ago, shed his prosthetic leg and swam out to the vehicle.

The lifeguard and swim coach at Bayonne's British Swim School said he arrived at the vehicle just in time.

"It was that moment when a car goes into a body of water where all the air releases and then the car sinks. That's basically when I pulled him out," Capuano said.

Capuano helped the 68-year-old driver back to shore. Police said the man was not injured and an investigation determined the man had been pulling over to answer a phone call when he accidentally pressed on the accelerator and the brake at the same time.

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis praised Capuano for her heroism.

"Anthony's instincts and professionalism just took over, he jumped in, didn't think about his own safety," Davis told WPVI-TV.


(BBC) Three men had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a tumble dryer.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service were called to a derelict laundry in Bower Hill, Epping, on Friday after the men, thought to be in their late teens, crawled into an industrial-sized dryer.

Two were in the dryer when the third's "ankles became trapped in the door" as he crawled in, the service said.

The men were left in the care of the ambulance service.

Essex Police, the Helicopter Medical Emergency Service (HEMS) and the East of England Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) also attended the incident, which happened at about 18:35 GMT

Fire service watch manager Glenn Jackson said crews had to help the third man into the tumble dryer before being able to remove the door and release all three.

"We used a range of equipment to free the casualty's ankles and allow him to crawl into the tumble dryer," he said.

"The HEMS team gave him pain relief and we then managed to move the door, again using a range of equipment, so the men could crawl out."

Mr Jackson said crews "worked really hard in arduous conditions".

"It was a difficult site to access and we had to carry a lot of heavy equipment a large distance from the appliances to the tumble dryer and then use our expertise to free the men safely."


(FOX) This is the kind of thing that would have worked in the cartoons.

Two American Airlines passengers were booted from a flight after one allegedly tried sneaking into first class — where she tried to hide under the other's seat for the duration of the trip.

The story, which was originally shared on FlyerTalk by a fellow passenger, concerns an American Airlines flight scheduled to depart from Dallas to Miami on Oct. 30. The flight was already delayed due to an incident with a catering truck, the witness claims, when a woman from coach came into the first-class section to speak with a friend.

The witness alleges that the woman from coach then attempted to crouch down and hide in the footwell of her friend's seat, directly underneath the television display.

"Apparently the plan was for this woman's friend to remain there the entire flight as it's something they thought would drive viewers to their 'YouTube Channel,'" the passenger wrote.

Flight attendants soon noticed an empty seat in coach where the prankster passenger should have been, the witness says. Others in her section allegedly told the crew that the woman had walked into first class.

The crew then made an announcement asking the woman to return to her seat, after which she allegedly emerged from her hiding spot (while the rest of the section was said to be "crucifying" her for causing an additional delay) and tried to return to coach. The captain instead flagged the incident as a security issue, and the plane returned to the gate so the passengers could be removed from the flight.

The witness, however, claims that the woman became incensed upon learning that she was being kicked off, and allegedly removed her mask to start "screaming that she's being disrespected, did nothing wrong, she paid good money for her ticket, and that she has a child waiting at home for her."

Eventually, "police show up to drag her off," according to the witness' account. "In the meantime another passenger in coach starts to cuss out a flight attendant because of the delay and the police drag him off."

A representative for American Airlines later confirmed an incident which matches up with the witness' description, telling Fox News it took place on Friday.

"Before departing on Oct. 30, American Airlines flight 2205 from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to Miami International Airport (MIA) returned to the gate at DFW for an issue involving two passengers," a spokesperson for American Airlines later confirmed to Fox News. "The two passengers, traveling together, would not comply with seat assignments during taxi out.

"Law enforcement met the aircraft at the gate, the two passengers exited the aircraft and the flight departed shortly after."

Flight tracking data from that evening further shows that the flight eventually landed at MIA at 1:01 a.m. on Saturday — or 2 hours and 49 minutes late.

American Airlines did not disclose whether the passengers were arrested or banned from further flight with the carrier.


For all the Cheetos fans out there who find that neon-orange cheese dust irresistible, we've got good news: Chester Cheetah just launched his first-ever cookbook, and yes, the crunchy snack is an ingredient in every single recipe.

PepsiCo, the umbrella company for Frito-Lay, which owns Cheetos, announced the limited-edition, "Bon-appe-Cheetos: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester and Friends," on Thursday. The aptly titled collection of dishes includes 22 different recipes to satisfy any type of Cheetos craving during the holidays.

While some may be imagining Chester wearing nothing but his spots and sunglasses behind the stove, the fictional mascot did get some help from the professionals. Chefs including Anne Burrell, Richard Blais, Ronnie Woo and Casey Webb stepped in to make sure the Cheeto-licious dishes were finger-lickin' good.

Mac and cheese is on the menu, of course — specifically Dangerously Cheesy Mac 'N Cheetos, which is different than the store-bought version available at Walmart. Another family-friendly recipe, Paw-some Bacon Ranch Cheeseball, would make a welcome appearance on the appetizer table.

The chefs used Cheetos in more creative ways, too. Cheetos Simply Puffs White Cheddar Jalapeño, for example, get crushed into the breading to coat spicy fried green tomatoes. And, to create Flamin' Hot Tamales, Ground Flamin' Hot Cheetos are mixed with masa harina flour and cayenne, which are then steamed in corn husks and topped with crema and a Cheeto-dust garnish. There's even a pumpkin pie with a crust made of Cheetos and graham crackers.

It's not in the cookbook, but if you're going to go commit to being "dangerously cheesy," you might as well make a Flamin' Hot Cheetos turkey, too.

Now that everyone's hankering for some hot Cheetos, here's how to get a copy of Chester Cheetah's new book: While it's not available for direct purchase, people can donate a minimum of $35 on, and the proceeds will go to World Central Kitchen or #ChefsofAmerica COVID Relief. To snag a digital version of the cookbook, folks can head to

Alternatively, fans will have three chances to enter a sweepstakes on Instagram by posting a photo of their favorite meal or snack that can be enhanced with Cheetos. Share the photo during one of the entry periods (Friday through Sunday, Nov. 19 through Nov. 21, or Nov. 24 through Nov. 26), tagging @BonAppeCheetos and #Entry. Accounts must be public to to be considered.

Once folks have earned their Cheetos cookbook with some goodwill or on-point Instagramming, they can move on to incorporating Mountain Dew into their recipe repertoire. The soda brand announced on Tuesday it, too, is launching its first-ever, holiday-themed cookbook with items like green grilled cheese and Mountain Dew-infused pickles. The "Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes" debuts on the company's online merch store for $30 on Nov. 16.


Nov. 13 (UPI) -- A New Mexico woman whose high school yearbook was among the items stolen from her home had the keepsake returned to her when it turned up in a woman's yard nine years later.

Faculty members at Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque said they received a 2006 yearbook in the mail in August with a note from a woman who said the book appeared mysteriously in her front yard.

Leslie Jackson, the activities director of the school, researched possible owners of the book.

"The person who dropped the yearbook off had flagged some names, but they didn't have last names," Jackson told KOAT-TV. "As luck would have it, one of her teachers actually signed it with her full name, so once I saw her last name, I knew I had a match. It was just a matter of finding her."

The yearbook's owner was identified as Analisa Brill, who graduated in 2006. Brill said the yearbook was among many possessions stolen from her home nine years ago.

"I was heartbroken," Brill said. "I was really upset about it."

Brill said she was shocked to receive a Facebook message saying her yearbook had been found. She said it is of particular sentimental value, since it was from her senior year.

"The craziest things can happen. There are good people. There are still really good people out there that think in their minds this could mean something to somebody," Brill said. "Honestly, I'm just happy to at least have this back."

A Florida man was recently reunited with a stolen keepsake from his senior year of high school, a class ring, after a much longer amount of time -- 52 years.

Allan Ackles said his 1968 class ring was stolen from his locker at Manatee High School 52 years ago, during his senior year. The ring was found by Moody Johnson while mowing grass on a property about six years ago.

Johnson said he forgot about the ring for a few years, but came across it again this year and decided to track down its owner. Ackles was reunited with his ring in May.


(NY Post) President Trump is not the only one who adamantly refuses to credit Joe Biden with winning the 2020 presidential election.

Honchos at online gambling sites around the world, which take wagers on election outcomes, are also refusing to call Biden president-elect, despite the final tallies in his favor in what's been called a historically secure election. Now, millions of dollars in gamblers' wins and losses hang in the balance.

At one site alone, London-based Betfair, nearly $600 million in presidential wagers are hanging tight.

Bookmakers typically have no qualms about coughing up big bucks when Super Bowls go sideways or boxing matches go to hell. In 1990, Buster Douglas shocked the world by knocking out mighty Mike Tyson, defying odds as high as 42-1 and leading one gambler to win $57,000 on a $1,500 wager (before the disparity even peaked). But this time, online gambling sites (which offer a mode of betting that is illegal in the US) are keeping hands in pockets during this month's commander-in-chief stalemate.

"We still have not graded a winner," Adam Burns, sportsbook manager of BetOnline, told The Post.

Burns said he's reserving a decision until Trump exhausts his legal options.

"People who bet Trump say it is not over. People who bet Biden say it is. This makes for a tricky situation where we have to be sure. It's not like a football game" in terms of there being a clear-cut victor, Burns said.

It's also not like a football game in terms of money that has been wagered. Burns said his site brought in a seven-figure total for this election. Others brought in similar totals.

"The presidential election was bigger than the Super Bowl, which is normally our biggest event of the year," said Burns. "We kept taking action, with fluctuating odds for a few days after the election. But now the bet is no longer available and we're hoping for an official decision."

According to Bloomberg Wealth, gambling sites have learned their lessons from past missteps. In 2016, the Irish gambling platform PaddyPower paid out more than $1 million on Hillary Clinton as the winner — prior to Election Day.

But, even as presidential bettors cool their heels, they are not completely out in the cold. The gambling site 888 is offering action on whether Trump will last the full term in office (betting "no" will get you 6-1 odds) and Biden winning in 2024 is 12-1 at BetOnline, with thinner odds planned for wagers on Kamala Harris taking over the presidency in 2022.

"We'll probably put it at 7-1 or something like that," said Burns. "The age thing plays into it," he said, referring to Biden, 77, and Harris, 56.

For now, though, he is most keenly focused on a definitive outcome of the presidential election. Personal politics aside, Burns admits to pulling for Biden as a professional play.

"If Biden comes in, it's a big win for us," he said, explaining that the site's customers favored Trump. "If Trump is declared the winner, we will take a bath. It will not be a happy day here."


(NY Post) A city in North Carolina is offering an attractive deal for people who have very a specific name.

Elizabeth City started a "Calling All Elizabeths" promotion on Monday, which is encouraging any person named Elizabeth to visit and take advantage of freebies or discounts until Dec. 30.

"We wanted a fun and exciting way to celebrate our town and invite travelers to experience this hidden gem of the South," said Corrina Ruffieux, the executive director of Visit Elizabeth City, in a statement. "Elizabeth is the fifth most popular name in the United States, so we hope to have quite a few Elizabeths answer the call and enjoy the sights and sounds of our inviting waterfront community."

These exclusive offerings include a specialty "That Girl Liz" brew and "Elizabeth Latte" at the Ghost Harbor Brewing Company and The SweetEasy coffee shop and bakery. Or for science lovers, Port Discover is giving away complimentary science-to-go-kits for children 18 years or younger.

Select businesses in the coastal city are honoring discounts that range between 10 percent and 25 percent.

Other attractions Elizabeth City has include a historic downtown area, expansive state parks, local boutiques and art events and a renovated Southern Hotel that was first constructed in the 1800s.

Elizabeth City's namesake travel promotion has been put together as a way to help small businesses that have been hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

"As with many of our peer communities throughout North Carolina, tourism and the small businesses that rely on it in Elizabeth City have been negatively impacted by COVID-19," a spokesperson for Visit Elizabeth City told Fox News. "The good news for our destination is that research has shown us that while many people are not traveling far, travelers are looking at staycations, drive-to destinations and rural destinations. Our quaint small town fits the bill!"


Nov. 13 (UPI) -- An Egyptian scuba diver is believed to have set a new world record by remaining under water for nearly six entire days.

Saddam Al-Kilany, 29, plunged into the Red Sea off the Dahab coast and remained underwater for 145 hours and 30 minutes, surpassing his own 2017 personal best of 121 hours as well as the current record of 142 hours, 47 minutes. The current world record was set by Cem Karabay in Cyprus in 2016.

Al-Kilany had originally planned to remain underwater for 150 hours, but the attempt was ended at 145 hours and 30 minutes due to concerns about his health.

Al-Kilany, who previously made headlines when he and his fiancee, Pia Legora, held their engagement ceremony underwater in September, was supported in his world record attempt by a team of medical experts and fellow scuba divers.

Video from the attempt and other documentation is being submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition as the world's longest scuba dive.


(NY Post) Consider it the "giving tree" for booze hounds who'll be forgiven for drinking their way through the 2020 holiday season.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is giving away green-tinted structures of bottles that approximate glass Christmas trees. This monument to indulgence comes at a time when getting drunk seems to have surpassed bread-making as our pandemic pastime of choice: As reported by Jama Network, consumption of alcohol is 14% higher this year, compared to last, for those who are 30 or older.

While the bottles arrive empty — yes, a bit of a buzzkill — Jameson sends along a couple of technicians who fashion the 130 or so hooch vessels into a "tree." It's augmented by a $45 gift-card for the purchase of a bottle that actually is filled with whiskey. Even empty, though, the 8 1/2-foot-tall tree, which Jameson values at $5,000, makes a buzzy statement.

Winning one of the seven on offer might require a dram or three of liquid inspiration. Contestants need to go to the Jameson website and write, in 200 words or less, why they are worthy of the branded and bottled structure.

As to why Jameson is giving these away in the first place, brand director Angelica Scibilio said in a statement, "We understand the holidays are different this year, and we hope our legendary trees will give a few lucky consumers some extraordinary holiday memories with friends and family."

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