India Thrash England By 10 Wickets: Third Test, Day Two – As It Happened

An alternative take on the conditions? Why not. “Afternoon, Adam.” Hello, Seer Sunshine. “I must say it’s been a bit shocking to watch both teams crumble like soggy biscuits. But I don’t think there’s any fault of the pitch here. An odd ball turning has made batsman on both sides toss their wickets away to straight balls. It’s just appalling batting technique. This pitch isn’t turning square, and I might just blow a blood vessel if someone calls this unplayable.”

As I say, this will be a debate that rages for weeks - if not years.

Adam Jensen on that same line and length: “What a test! I sincerely believe the pitch is not as bad as it is made out to be. Maybe batsmen have forgotten how to bat on turning tracks. So many batsmen have got out to straight balls and premeditated shots, not waiting to settle down and get used to the pitch. It’s a fascinating contest!”

Where I see a distinction to last week is that, as opposed to Chennai, this pitch wasn’t exploding on morning one. The wickets that hurt England most, especially early in the second innings when still in the red, were all about pressure and not a lot to do with the pitch. Which, of course, isn’t to diminish the degree of difficulty out there.

Paul Foley to finish on this topic for now. “I once had the privilege of playing cricket at Fenners and was amazed at how much easier batting was on the featherbed that is a first class wicket compared to normal village cricket strips. It strikes me that the scores in this game are rather like those in village cricket games up and down the country every summer. And let’s face it. Village cricket is not only exciting, it is the pinnacle of the game. And often a lot more more humorous and entertaining. They should televise that...”

My one game at Fenners? Lbw first ball playing around a straight one.

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India thrash England by 10 wickets: third Test, day two – as it happened
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India thrash England by 10 wickets: third Test, day two – as it happened
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