LG LH62G 2.1 Channel Home Speaker

A good sound system is the backbone of a good gaming or home theater system. Even the best home theater fails to impress without a sound system that fails to keep up with the video output. A good sound system has three main features loudness, clarity of sound and fidelity. But not everyone can afford the expensive hardware. The LG LH62G is a lightweight and portable set of 2.1 surround sound speakers which also supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming input. The setup, which consists of one main subwoofer unit and two satellite speakers, has a combined peak power output of 36W. It delivers crystal-clear audio which is distortion-free even at the highest volume levels.

The LG LH62G also features a built-in FM radio which provides hours of entertainment as well as the latest news. It accepts inputs from multiple sources like; Aux In, USB and Bluetooth. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The LG LH62G is available at a price of Rs. 4,740/- in online stores. Let us take an in-depth look at this speaker system through this review.


The LG LH62G is a set of 2.1 channel surround sound speakers which comprises a main subwoofer unit and two satellite speakers. They are built out of acoustic-friendly materials to deliver rich audio output. The subwoofer is the brains of the setup and all the controls and sockets are located on it. The subwoofer unit is a rectangular box finished all in black. The speaker grill covering the speaker is beige coloured. It makes the speaker look like the radio of old. It looks wonderfully retro, yet it has modern touches like the digital buttons on the front and the wonderfully big LED display. All the controls on the subwoofer are digital, which include the Power Button, Previous, Next, Play / Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Bass + and Bass -.

LG LH62G 2.1 Channel Home Speaker Review

These are all laid out in a single line below the LED display which blends into the faceplate. The control panel also includes the USB port and Aux In jack. The satellite speakers are complete replicas of the subwoofer, just smaller in size and sans the control panel. The satellites can be mounted on walls as well, for the best possible placement, for the best output. All-in-all the design review of the LG LH62G stands out wonderfully and well enough to bring out the subtle nuances of the design language.

LG LH62G 2.1 Channel Home Speaker Review Price


The LG LH62G performs extremely well to deliver a deep, rich audio output, thanks partly to its acoustic-friendly materials and construction and partly due to LG’s tuning of the setup. It is a 2.1 channel surround sound setup which delivers a punchy bass output which is balanced by well-rendered mids, highs, and lows. The 2.1 channel setup allows for a surround sound effect achievable through proper placement of the speakers. The subwoofer’s peak power output is 18W, while that of the satellites is 9W each, making for a total of 36W combined peak power output.

LG LH62G 2.1 Channel Home Speaker Review Price specs

The LG LH62G accepts inputs from various sources like Aux In, USB and portable in. Additionally, it also supports wireless streaming input through Bluetooth and it also supports Bluetooth standby, which enables the user to turn on the system through Bluetooth. Over and above that, it also packs in a built-in FM radio which provides hours of entertainment along with news updates. Surprisingly, the memory card slot is missing from the list of specifications. The memory card is another convenient medium of playing music without the hassle of wires. The performance review of the LG LH62G puts forth the excellent sound quality along with the convenience of a multitude of input sources.

                 INSIDE THE BOX:

·         LG LH62G Subwoofer 

·         2 LG LH62G Satellite Speakers

·         Remote Control (Battery Included)

·         FM Antenna

·         Speaker Cable

·         RCA Code (Audio)

·         User Manual


ü  Portable form factor.

ü  LED display on the main unit.

ü  FM radio.

ü  Included remote control.

ü  Bluetooth enabled.

ü  Multiple input sources.

ü  Acoustic-friendly materials used in construction.


                                                            ý   No SD card slot.


The LG LH62G is a well-built set of 2.1 channel speaker set which delivers a rich sound output. The setup is light-weight and portable and features an eclectic design which looks sleek and sophisticated. The only thing missing here is the SD card slot. This review does well to point out that, in spite of the missing SD card slot, The LG LH62G gives excellent values for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4Stars.

Source : http://www.reviewrounder.com/lg-lh62g-2.1-channel-home-speaker-review-price.html

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LG LH62G 2.1 Channel Home Speaker
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