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"Muse," viewing through March 12 at Studio B in Boyertown, is an exhibition of paintings, drawings, photos and sculpture pertaining to the gallery's latest publication of poems and other writings by gallery members and invited guests. This is the fourth year in a row the studio has issued an illustrated book with a corresponding exhibition.

The show's two jurors are gallery friends and supporters Lesley and Robert Misko, both longtime English teachers, who wrote an eight-page statement on their choices and why they made them.

The winning artists are as follows:

First place, Jim Meehan for "My Muse Liked the News," a surreal mixed-media drawing of a middle-aged man sacked out in his recliner, a transistor radio clutched in his hands as a pair of black wings hover next to and above his vacant facial expression. Meehan's comic drawing of a man bewildered by his pen is on the book cover as well.

Second place, Barrie Maguire for "Loughros Beg Morning," an atmospheric rendition of a hilly landscape in Ireland. A rolling fog imbues the left side of the oil painting with a lambent diffusive light, casting an ambient amber glow over the whole scene.

Third place, Angela Faust Izzo for "Talk Dirty to Me," a realistic oil painting of her husband from behind, shirtless and in drooping jeans. Izzo's work takes a comedic look at the joys of family living.

Fourth place, "Woman Alone" by Theodore Thomas, an image of a lady in red on snow-covered streets. The juror's statement tells a backstory of the woman as a Holocaust survivor who has devoted her life to reuniting other survivors with artwork plundered by the Nazis.

Fifth place, Pirjo L'Esperance for "Sly As a Fox," a ceramic teapot in the shape of a fox.

Honorable mentions were given to Marilyn Klimcho for her poem "Purpose" and to sculptor Bob Hakun for an assemblage.

As an added indulgence, the entirety of writings in "Muse" are tacked loosely onto the gallery wall in a salon-style grid of text, photos and illustrations.

Greek mythology boasts nine muses of literature, science and the arts. Many consider them, albeit symbolically, to be the source of knowledge embodied in visual art, poetry, music and song. The artworks shown here are intended to invoke each of these goddesses of love, comedy, the stars, dance, tragedy and history in both manner and message.

Also on view in the back room are the line sketches and colorful paintings of Pamela Hodges for her latest book titled "How To Be a Cat," a humorous manual on how to become feline in 15 easy steps. She also has published an adult coloring book to run alongside her guide. Both publications are available through the gallery.

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