Sonic The Hedgehog 3

In the opening moments of Breath of the Wild, you run hero Link to the edge of a cliff, at which point the camera pans out wide, showing off the Studio Ghibli-inspired land of Hyrule in all its glory. The expansive world beckons, and you’re free to go absolutely anywhere. You could even march straight to Hyrule castle and challenge final boss Ganon. You’d die, of course, but you could do it. Or you could spend the next 100 hours savoring the best game of the year. Breath of the Wild breaks free from the franchise’s rigid formula and embraces more modern open-world games, while pushing the genre to stunning new heights. It rediscovers the pure joy of exploration first introduced in the 1986 original. Walk in any direction, and there are countless areas to find and untold mysteries to solve. This is the type of game you discuss with friends, compare notes, and regale them with stories of your adventures. Because of how open the game is, no one will have the same experience, but everyone will experience something truly magical. Breath of the Wild isn’t just the best Zelda game ever made; it’s arguably Nintendo’s greatest triumph, and quite simply, the stuff of legend. —AM

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