Sonic The Hedgehog 3

What made Sonic games so different from Mario games, aside from speed and visuals, was their sense of momentum. Sonic zooms through loops, flies into the air and catches a downhill just right so as to keep the momentum going — he's like a motorbike more than a Mario-esque character.

"Sonic Mania" captures that feeling perfectly. 

As seen above in an early example, Sonic (followed by Tails, naturally) is rushing downhill to a quarterpipe platform — it's a setup as simple as this that leads to a variety of different gameplay options soon afterward. Perhaps you'll use Sonic's built up momentum to reach an unusually high platform, or perhaps this leap is a red herring and a secret is hiding just below in the next section of level. Perhaps both! In fact, it's very likely that both options are on the table — "Sonic Mania" is full of moments like this where you can choose one of several options. 

This is a classic Sonic trope, of course — branching paths through each level — but "Sonic Mania" makes those paths clearer than ever. When you pair that replayability with the game's snappy controls, "Sonic Mania" embodies everything the series has attempted to achieve. 

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