TURN TO CHANNEL 3: ‘Nights Into Dreams’ Imagined An Inventive New World On The Sega Saturn

I recently managed to acquire a PlayStation VR on special offer. As I live on the continent, we have some different chains of shops here and one of them (Media Markt to be precise) had them for 11 euros cheaper than anyone else, who kept the price at 399 Euros (haven’t seen any other retailer change the price so far). So I treated myself to it and a PlayStation Camera and set to work.

There were rather more cables than I had expected, those took some creative threading through my TV stand, but I managed to get it set up OK. I immediately started up Star Wars: Battlefront (bought the Ultimate Edition, including the season pass, for 30 euros in the PS store a few weeks ago) and went for the VR mission. This needed a download of course, and the whole process meant that the whole game would also update and then the system.

It took me a total of seven hours to get the VR mission downloaded and installed, but it was worth every second. It really took me back to the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games of the early nineties, and even to the really old sit-in arcade games from the ‘80s. I managed to play through all three games using four credits in total at the time, so I thought the VR mission would be a doddle. But it was quite challenging the first time around. It did handle more like a shooter than an X-wing simulation game, but as it was a free mission, who would I be to complain?

Having gone through the mission multiple times, I started thinking about how long it must have taken them to create this. And I think that the reason that there is such a strong line-up for the PlayStation VR in the opening months was because Sony knew about it when developing the PlayStation 4 originally and told developers they could start developing on the q.t. to have it ready for launch. And lots of them did, as proved by the rather staggering amount and variety of games already being offered.

In there lies the hope that EA (or any other studio, maybe Lawrence Holland and Edward Killham have some spare time) would be working on making this a full game already and the VR is just to whet our appetites. But therein also lies a problem: I am only a fan of the original trilogy and the expanded universe as started by Timothy Zahn. So none of that nonsense from Episodes I, II, and III with midi-chlori-thingimajigs and there being hundreds and hundreds of Jedi and Anakin being born from a virgin.

As such, I would only like to see the old games revised and updated, but that is never going to happen. Disney will shove it all down our throats and we will just accept it for the tiny amount of good content that we wanted, although they do deliver in that aspect. If they could do an updated version of Rebellion/Supremacy that would also be great, could be some nice VR tie-ins, but not a necessity.

Seasons greetings to all fellow gamers and readers and to the GC people as well! May you all get the games you need this Xmas and enjoy them!

ButcherEVG (PSN ID)

GC: We were surprised to discover that Edward Killham actually works at EA now, as a technical director. We can only hope his talents are put to good use on future Star Wars games…

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