The Books You Always Find Yourself Recommending Open Thread (updated)

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook - This is a great Chrome extension. I can hop on Facebook to update my status or reply to comments but not get sucked in to watching 11 insanely cute 'Kids React To' videos. How? This tool simply blocks your Facebook news feed. The best way to kick your Facebook fix. FIO Chrome Extension - This Chrome extension is simple yet very handy. Set up different timezones and see them at a glance when you open a new tab. Even set up appointments with one click. Great for global teams. Audible App - I've consumed over 35 books this past year because of this app. Audible has a great selection of audiobooks read by great voice-over actors. If you spend an hour at the gym or commuting everyday, you can easily listen to a book a week. Talk about productive.

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