The Last Days Of Pompeii

When, after innumerable comments, difficulties, and delays, the intricate tower was at length completed, the next preparation was that of giving to the eyes the soft languish, produced by a dark powder applied to the lids and brows; a small patch cut in the form of a crescent, skilfully placed by the rosy lips, attracted attention to their dimples, and to the teeth, to which already every art had been applied in order to heighten the dazzle of their natural whiteness.

To another slave, hitherto idle, was consigned the charge of arranging the jewels – the earrings of pearl (two to each ear) – the bracelets of gold – the chain formed of rings of the same metal, to which a talisman cut in crystals was attached – the graceful buckle on the left shoulder, in which was set an exquisite cameo of Psyche – the girdle of purple riband, richly wrought with threads of gold, and clasped by interlacing serpents – and lastly, the various rings, fitted to every joint of the white and slender fingers.

The toilet was now arranged according to the last mode of Rome. The fair Julia regarded herself with a last gaze of complacent vanity, and reclining, she bade the younger of her slaves, in a listless tone, read to her the enamoured couplets of Tibullus.

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