Want To Know More About The Canon EOS R3? Ask Us Anything On Reddit

Thank you for the info. There are situations where button-and-dial would be too slow and isn't exactly an answer. As example you wont like to waste memory card space with 20 or 30fps when an animal is not moving fast or crouching/stalking but being able to instantly switch when the action starts. Or you have a hare sitting there, you rather have a slow shooting speed but if it notices a bird far away in the sky and starts running, you like to instantly switch to high fps or when cubs suddenly start play fighting. for these more spontaneous situations I always have high fps set and I think its called "register/recall shooting function" in english where you can overwrite settings like shutter speed, aperture, iso, exp. comp., af case settings, af area selection mode etc but it lacks drive mode set up for fast shutter speed while the camera is set up more slower to instantly switch or vice versa. Is it now possible to overwrite the drive mode as well here? Or did it get an own assignable?

Source : https://www.dpreview.com/news/9994915605/canon-eos-r3-ask-us-anything-on-reddit

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Want to know more about the Canon EOS R3? Ask us anything on Reddit
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