Woke British Police Review Investigation Of Conservative Broadcaster

Care home outbreaks at levels not seen since first peak

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  • The UK is "very likely" to be in a much-improved situation by the spring, although no exit strategy from the current national lockdown has yet been announced. 

    Professor Chris Whitty told a Downing Street press conference that whilst is it not the case that "suddenly in spring it is all over", there is an expectation that things will be "substantially better than they are at the moment". 

    He said: "The hope is that is a kind of reasonable timeframe to be thinking about. But if we try to put a hard stop on this we will be caught out by events.

    "I think that broad timeframe still feels to me a reasonable one, provided what we are not expecting is completely back to two 

    springs ago."

    Boris Johnson added that the Government's goal remained vaccinating 15 million by mid-February. 

    He said once this was reached he will look at how restrictions can be eased.



    However he cautioned the easing of restrictions also depended "on where the disease is".

    "We can't have any false sense of security, lifting restrictions altogether and then the disease runs riot," he said.

    Prof Whitty added: "We're not going to move from a sudden lockdown situation to nothing.

    "It will have to be walking backwards by degrees, testing what works, and then if that works going the next step."

    Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/01/15/boris-johnson-brexit-news-latest-covid-lockdown-end/

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