Anne Boleyn On Channel 5 Review: Jodie Turner Smith Shines In Revisionist Spin On The Tudor Queen’s Final Days

It’s a nudging reminder that this is very much a 21st century, revisionist take on a story we think we know inside out, which has in fact been shaped by nearly half a millennium of misogyny. The Anne we meet is steely and sharp-tongued, with a habit of speaking in cagey extended metaphors; she is not the calculating schemer of history books but is certainly prepared to use her soft power to wield influence over the King when it comes to causes she cares about, from religious reform (Hedderwick Turner’s script reminds us that Anne supported William Tyndale and his English translation of the Bible, which would allow her subjects to “read the word of God in their own tongue”) to international affairs.

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Anne Boleyn on Channel 5 review: Jodie Turner-Smith shines in revisionist spin on the Tudor queen’s final days
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