Intruder Review: Channel 5’s Bungled Burglary Thriller Is A Clanger

Ostentatious cardigan-wearer Sam, who tells off racists on the radio and argues about Brexit at dinner parties, feels like an attempt to make this thriller punchy and relevant. And yet the concept of ‘complex female characters’ seems to have entirely passed it by. Rebecca has no personality to speak of, other than looking mysteriously at a black and white photo of said caves, while the revelation at the end of the first episode that Sam and Angela had an affair allows her to be painted as an unhinged psychopath. In fact, the characters are so thinly drawn that the show doesn’t earn its onslaught of hysterical twists and turns – there’s just not enough context given to justify their ridiculous behaviour. Initially, it’s quite comical, but eventually, it just gets annoying. I hate to disappoint fellow property porn enthusiasts, but you’d probably be better off just browsing Right Move for an hour. 

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Intruder review: Channel 5’s bungled burglary thriller is a clanger
Today's TV Monday 5 April
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